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this game is a simple farming game with mining and building that was made for  the cat and octopus jam use the wasd keys to move use the i key to switch between characters use the space key to plant a plant in a pot if your the cat use the enter key to mine if your the octopus and pick a plant if your the cat use the number keys 1 and 2 to switch between which plant the cat will plant 1 is wheat; wheat  costs 10$ 2 is carrots; carrots cost 5$. use the switch mod button to switch your mode you start in survive mode if you click the button you go in build mode in build mode you can place 3 types of blocks left click on a area to place a platform for 5 dollars you need these to walk on use the middle button to place a pot for 30$ and right click to place a wall for 5$ click the switch mode button to switch mode button again to switch back to survive mode  there are two types of rocks the octopus can mine number 1 is a rock these will give yo money when you mine them the second is gold gold lasts for ever but are rarer and give less money 1 more tip try not to starve or you will die 

(ps sorry for the long instructions and bad controlls this is my first time writing instructions)



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interGalatic Cat and octopus farm(igcof).zip 11 MB

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